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Christopher Walker     

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TRIBUTARY 2002 12 X 20_edited.jpg

"Tributary" 12" x 20" Acrylic Polymer Emulsion on Masonite 2002 Private collection

A Call to Collectors

"I am currently reaching out to the collectors of my artwork to hopefully locate my past original paintings for a retrospective which is currently being developed and will also feature a book release. I would be extremely grateful if you could contact me if you own a past original painting I created. After painting for over 36 years, I have lost track of some paintings which I unfortunately lost photos of. Thank you" 

Christopher Walker

"Reminiscence" 36" x 48" Acrylic Polymer Emulsion on Masonite 2023 Private collection

Reminiscence with Denis Thieven excerpt for web_edited.jpg

"Resilience" 18" x 36" Acrylic Polymer Emulsion on Masonite 2022 Private collection

Kayaking with orcas

When high realism competes
with photography...

I painted "Acceptance" in 1993. Over the years, this painting has been plagiarized by several desperate and thoughtless photographers who claim to have photographed this image. Recently, the website, Reddit, posted my painting and a photographer said he took this photograph in Alaska. It went viral when some of my collectors and followers noticed it was plagiarism. Simply click on the image and see how many times this page has been viewed.     

SHELTER 18 X 30 MAR 2023.jpg

"Shelter" 18" x 30" Acrylic Polymer Emulsion on Masonite 2023 

white rock logo_edited.jpg

Available at the White Rock Gallery

TOFINO 1991 GUITAR (2).jpg

Listen to "Immortal Long Beach" written and performed by Christopher Walker

"Odyssey" 28" x 40" Acrylic Polymer Emulsion on Masonite. 2022 Private Collection. 

Odyssey 27 x 42.jpg

A conversation with astronaut, David Saint-Jacques

I had the privilege and honour to speak with astronaut, David Saint-Jaques about his experiences on the International Space Station in the summer of 2021. This Zoom meeting was arranged with the assistance of David Hadfield, brother of former ISS Commander, Chris Hadfield.  

David Saint-Jaques' awe-inspiring description of what it is like to be in space was riveting and essential for my creative momentum for this challenging subject. His comment about his amazement with the contrast of looking at the Earth while in a space suit and turning around and seeing the blackness of space was fascinating and inspired my composition. I chose to paint the Gaspe Peninsula from space symbolizing Canada's contribution to space exploration.      

Dr. Steven Pelech funded the project and collaborated with me to create a similar composition echoing the poster for the 1968 motion picture, 2001 A Space Odyssey painted by former NASA artist, Robert McCall. The goal was to compare our current technological evolution in the year 2023 to the futuristic envisionment of writer, Arthur C. Clarke who wrote the 1948 short story"The Sentinel" which was the short story the film was based on.


ASCENSION 24 X 42.jpg
FORBEARANCE 24 X 42 FEB 2023.jpg


(The Roseland Spitfire)

30" x 60" Acrylic Polymer Emulsion on Masonite private collection

white rock logo_edited.jpg

"Endurance" (FM 104)  60" X 30" Acrylic polymer emulsion on masonite.  Private collection. Dedicated to Colin Gill.

Listen to the sound of 4 Rolls Royce Merlin engines roaring.  


"Quebec" 48" x 36" acrriylic polymer emulsion on masonite. Private collection.


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